If you want to live your perfect day you need to visualise it


If I could be active every day and have the perfect recovery then I would be living my perfect day.

Today’s blog post challenges is to visualise our perfect day and write it down.

I wake up without any alarm at 6am in the superking bed I share with my husband. My running clothes are already laid out in the bathroom so I don’t wake him.

Before I head out on my run though I go through a 10 minute guided meditation, it helps me set my intentions for the day and for the run.

On my run, where I catch up on podcasts, I feel graceful and energetic. I love getting my heart rate up in the morning as I feel energised for the rest of the day.

I run on familiar streets and when it’s daylight saving I find a route in the nearby forest.

When I return my husband is awake, he makes me a coffee as I shower and dress. I use my favourite essential oils in the shower and make sure I take my supplements.

At the breakfast table I drink my coffee and write in my gratitude journal. My son is still sleeping but will soon rise. When he does we have a healthy breakfast together – homemade granola and yoghurt with berries.

We kiss my husband goodbye as he goes to work and then we walk to school. Sometimes my son rides his bike and I run beside him, other times we walk.

When I get back from school I get to work. I work in one hour blocks with a 10 minute break in between for a quick social media catch up and to stretch my legs.

During these blocks I write blogs, write scripts for my videos, I reply to posts in my facebook group, and plan other campaigns, meet-ups and bonus modules.

My running course is a worldwide success with thousands of women joining me to either get started in running or to take their running to a new level. I get joy from hearing their wins and breakthroughs.

At lunchtime I close my laptop and make myself lunch, it’s usually leftovers (which I love).

Afterwards I go outside for a 15 minute walk and a vitamin D fix.blog-challenge-badge-12

The afternoons are a mixed bag. I could either be holding consultations with essential oils clients or carrying out the housework, such as laundry, prepping the evening meal or getting the groceries. I prefer the days when I’m talking and sharing the oils.

At 3.30pm I meet my son at the school gate and we walk home together. Sometimes we go via the playground – it’s not just for kids. Grownups can have a play too if they only let themselves.

Once we’re home I give him a snack – usually cucumber or other crudites – and we read a book together.

At 5.30 he has his dinner, good timing as my husband is home from work then. Afterwards we take turns in getting our son ready for bed by 7pm, that usually includes a lavender bath.

Between 7 and 9pm we get the dinner dishes sorted, finish off any other bits of housework (folding laundry for example) and then play Scrabble or read.

We go to sleep around 9.30-10pm ish, with our diffuser in the bedroom filled with lavender and frankincense and after I’ve rubbed my husband’s feet with frankincense and coconut oil.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3



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