Two months until my marathons – and a declaration of intent

I don’t think it’s really sunk in that I will be running two marathons in the space of seven days, at least not until now that there are just two months to go.

On April 17 I will be running the historic Boston Marathon and then on April 23 I’ll be on the start-line (and hopefully crossing the finish line) of the London Marathon.

For a lot of runners completing just one of these is a tough enough challenge. But two?

Me finishing the Hawkes Bay Marathon, my second in two weeks in 2016.

I know I can do it. Last year I ran two marathons in two weeks, the previous year it was two in three weeks, so I guess it’s only right that the time between events diminishes. There are plans of running an ultra at some point but that’s another post in itself.

So how is my training going? I’ll get to that in a minute.

It’s the fundraising that is stressing me out more. Everyone seems to be raising money for something or other so I am competing with a crowded market.

My two marathons are for two different charities, so again that makes it a little bit harder – there are two places to direct donors to.

For Boston I am running as part of Team 261 Fearless. You can read all about the team here. It’s being led by Kathrine Switzer, who was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon 50 years ago. This team was st up to celebrate those 50 years and I will be starting with Kathrine – she’s a former New York Marathon winner and even though she’s 70 I might struggle to keep up!

The fundraising target for Boston is US$7261. This does not include race entry (another $300), flights or accommodation, which are coming from my own pocket.

The iconic moment when he Boston race director tried to remove Kathrine from the race.

If you feel called to donate to support women’s running worldwide please donate here.

For London I am in the British Liver Trust Team.

This is in memory of my dad, who died from chronic liver disease last year and is the reason why we are living in the UK this year.

2016-07-01 08.27.55

2016-07-04 06.12.13Liver disease is the third largest cause of premature death in the UK.

To donate to the BLT and my London target you can click here. If you are a UK resident you can also do gift aid.

My target for the BLT is £1700.

Every penny donated is appreciated.

So back to the training…

I am running, which is a good thing.

My training typically looks like this:

  • Monday: Easy run with beginner group (up to 4km run/walk) in the morning, evenings I’ve started going to Stratford AC’s track session for some speed work.
  • Tuesday: If track, rest, if no track up to an hour in the dark.
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: One hour in the dark, then easy beginner run at 9.30am
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Long run with parkrun to finish (you can read about a recent long run/parkrun combo here)
  • Sunday: Rest

Last week I couldn’t fit my long run into Saturday due to a health and wellness workshop I was co-hosting, so I ran on Sunday instead. It was a lonely 2hrs 20 minutes, but I like to run while listening to podcasts so I was entertained.

This week my training has looked quite different to my typical week:

  • Monday: Easy run with beginner group, except we only ran 2.5km due to injury. Didn’t get to track.
  • Tuesday: An hour in the dark
  • Wednesday: Rest. I’d planned on a 5.30am 5km but due to my son waking up at 2am (an unusual occurrence now that he is 5) I slept in until 6am. A full on day (his birthday and a road trip to Bristol) meant I couldn’t fit it in elsewhere).
  • Thursday (today): I’m heading out shortly for an hour in the dark. Our group is cancelled today, so I can push myself a bit harder.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Back to the long run/parkrun combo. This week I am planning on running 2hrs 45mins, so I will run up to 2hrs 15mins on my own, then parkrun, which usually takes me 35 minutes when I’m tired.
  • Sunday: I am planning on an easy recovery run. Since I am running two marathons so close together I need to get my legs used to running when tired.

Things could be better, I could be doing some cross training and I will once school half term is over. I plan on signing up to the leisure centre so I can use the swimming pool.

But what could make my campaign even greater is my diet.

Yes, I am a nutrition coach, so I know what I should be doing. But I don’t always follow my own advice.

That stops now.

I intend to post more about my own nutritional intake to make me more accountable (according to Gretchen Rubin’s book Better Than Before I am an obliger, so I need this accountability).

Please keep on asking me how I am doing!

Once again, here are the links to donate:

Boston and 261 Fearless

London and the British Liver Trust



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