Let the training begin

SW Header Image - April 2016

SW Header Image - April 2016

I’ve got my team sorted, now what?

Time to get training, I mean team bonding.

If you’ve not found a team yet, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to twist a friend’s arm and you don’t need to have a team of top adventurers either.

If you can’t find a team to join then head on over to the Spirited Women Facebook page to find a team, equally if you need a spot filled place a call to join your team there.

Here’s a brief rundown of the experience in my team:

Me: Runner, not ridden my mountain bike in over a year, used to be up to Grade 3 but that was five years ago and before becoming a mum (and before pregnancy). Lives in Rotorua.

Nikki: Runner (up to half marathon), beginner mountain biker, never tried stand up paddle boarding. Lives in Marlborough (yes, the South Island!).

Lynne: Runner (finished her first ultra recently, but runs for participation and the challenge), not ridden her mountain bike for a while due to running, beginner on the SUP. Lives in Rotorua.

Carin: Lapsed runner, beginner MTB and SUP but always up for a challenge. Lives in Auckland.

So as you can see, not a whole lot of experience going on when it comes to adventure racing. But one thing we do have going for us, and this should be the same for all of you, we just want to have fun!

I got out on my mountain bike on Saturday, went for a wee ride with our three-year-old and my husband. I say wee ride, we travelled about 3km in an hour or so.

It was interspersed with tree-climbing, looking for trout, a visit to the local school playground kicking and throwing a ball around and a ride home. Tree climbing

I’m planning a team bonding session for any women who want to give mountain biking a go – nothing serious, just a chance to get used to being in the saddle again, riding on some beginner friendly trails and forestry roads, plus some stand-up paddleboarding and of course cake – what’s your favourite type of cake?

Post in the comments what cake you like and what you want to experience in Rotorua. Let’s make it happen.

PS Bring your togs, we’ve heaps of hot pools to soak in afterwards.



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