Everyone else is getting sick, why not me?

On Guard ingredients

Everywhere I go I meet people who are feeling winter, there are coughs and colds everywhere – yet our family is yet to succumb.

The worst we have had is a mild version of the common cold – a blocked nose for a day or two and that’s as bad as it’s got.

You would think that this would be because we have wrapped ourselves up in cotton wool and stayed in a warm home all winter, keeping ourselves away from the rest of the world so as not to expose ourselves to germs.

If you did think this then you would be wrong.

In fact, we haven’t stopped doing what we love and are probably exposing ourselves to more germs than ever.

My son is five and at a big primary school – many of his school friends have been off sick with colds and chest infections.

My husband works outdoors with construction workers who seem to have coughs and colds.

We live with my mum, who works for the biggest employer in Stratford and as part of her job she mixes and mingles with most of them.

I work mostly from home, but run in the cold and wet. I am a prime candidate for bronchitis having been diagnosed with it on an almost annual basis and I have exercise induced asthma.

All prime candidates  for bugs don’t you think?

February marks 16 months since my last bronchitis diagnosis and subsequent prescription of antibiotics and steroids.

In those 16 months I have experienced two almost back-to-back winters (a New Zealand one then a UK one), travelled one and a half times around the globe (ie long haul flights with recycled air) and experienced a lot of stress that comes with moving from one side of the planet to the other with a husband and child in tow.

I have carried on running, even on the coldest days and even though that is what usually set me off on the path to bronchitis, yet I am the fittest and healthiest I have been for a long time.

So what is my secret?

It has three prongs – a good diet of real foods, sleep and essential oils.

Essential oils? Diet and sleep for sure, but how can these oils help?

Essential oils are nature’s own medicine. They are extracted from plants and are the compounds that plants use for their own defences. Many universities are conducting their own research into essential oils and their uses for medicine.

The one blend I credit for me and my health is On Guard, the protective blend. It’s made with clove, wild orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary.

Here’s a link to a pubmed study on On Guard where it was found to suppress influenza virus infectivity.

On Guard reminds a lot of people of mulled wine, and you can use it in a diffuser to et that smell wafting around your home (and use it to make mulled wine if that’s your jam). I prefer to drop one or two drops under my tongue at least once a day when I want an immune boost.

On long haul flights I’d recommend 1-2 drops every eight hours and for the three days leading up to it. If you have a cold, or feel you are on the cusp of being unwell then start taking it internally, up to four drops a day.

I’ve given samples to friends who are having problems with an irritating cough and had great response from them. One mum told me she felt it was a magic potion as her cough shifted.

Here are four ways you can use this oil:

  • Dilute and gargle morning and night
  • Take several drops internally for added immune support
  • Dilute in a spray bottle to clean community surfaces
  • Diffuse in a room to eliminate airborne pathogens

If you don’t want use it as an oil but still want the protective properties you can swallow it in ready-made softgels (I love these), use the On Guard toothpaste and swap your household cleaning products over to the On Guard range.

If you would like to order some On Guard or learn more about which essential oils you should be using regularly, please send me an email. I also have a handout of 52 uses for On Guard for all who email me.



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