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I love food.

Really, really love it.

In fact food is one of the reasons why I run – I used to eat way too much, so I ran to help lose weight. Now I run so I can still eat and not feel the same guilt that I used to.

But when it comes to food it should be about quality, not quantity.

You shouldn’t eat crappy food because it’s cheap, but instead reward yourself daily with food that is giving you the nutrients you need and also satisfying your palate and brain.

If you’re one of my nutrition coaching clients you will know that there are no banned foods, food isn’t bad or evil, it’s just that some foods are not serving us and we would do better to avoid them, or at least not indulge in them so much.

One resource I love, and which I want to share with you, is the website Ditch The Wheat. Yes it’s a paleo-based website, but paleo doesn’t mean boring and it also doesn’t mean that you can only eat paleo foods if you’re 100% paleo.

If you want to start eating a more healthy way then start with the snacks you eat. This Grain-Free Snacker recipe book will help you get started.

DitchTheWheat snacker






There are more than 70 recipes for you to try.

Click here to get yours





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