All I want for Christmas is…

Runners unite, Christmas is a time where you can increase your running related items without having to spend your own money!

But what to ask for?

Here are 5 running gift ideas if you are stuck for your own:

A Flip Belt

I’ve asked Santa for one of these as with cold weather running in the UK I can’t carry my phone, iPod and keys while wearing gloves.

New running tights
You can never have too much kit! I’m liking the look of these Tikiboo tights, if only I do become Little Miss Quick!



A destination race entry

So many races, so many places to go, combine both and travel to a destination race. I’m eyeing up Jersey in October.

Garmin 235

I’ve been running with a Garmin 220 for a couple of years now but I’m sorely tempted by the new 235 as it has heart rate functionality in the wrist.

Ay up head torch
I love the headlamp I got for my birthday but if you’re looking for the premium head torch then this is it.
Not cheap but I’ve heard amazing things about them – and seen them coming towards me from a way off.



What is on your Christmas list?



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