100 days until London


Last night, as I was scrolling through twitter, I saw a mention of the Virgin London Marathon and that there were 101 days to go.

Is that all? I thought, rather worryingly.

You see, I’ve only just got back into running regularly after the Portsmouth Marathon in December and even though I had laid my running gear out for a run this morning I wasn’t entirely convince that was going to happen.

So what happened next?

I tweeted back that I was definitely going to run. I set my alarm and an intention for the run, so that when I got up this morning I knew what I was going to do.

I’ve in reality got a training programme already mapped out and should have really taken a look to see what this morning’s run should have entailed, but I knew it was speed work so that is what I did.

The alarm went off at 5am. I got up, got dressed and made a coffee. Let the coffee settle for a bit, then revisited the bathroom, took a cup of coffee into the bedroom for my husband (but really it was so I could brush my hair, if he was enjoying a coffee I couldn’t be blamed for waking him!).

And then I ran – headtorch on as even though there are some streetlights it is still a bit dark in places.

Have you ever run the Mona Fartlek? It’s essentially a 20 minute session with equal amounts of speed to recovery (or float as Mona calls them). I forgot that there’s only two 90 second bursts and ran four sets, but other than that it was a great session. My first proper speed work for months.

  • 90 seconds fast/90 seconds easy x 4 (should be 2)
  • 60 seconds fast/60 seconds easy x 4
  • 30 seconds fast/30 seconds easy x 4
  • 15 seconds fast/15 seconds easy x 4
  • Easy 5 minutes to warm up and whatever I needed to run to get me home (and then an extra 30 metres to take me past 5km).

And how did I feel afterwards? On a high – I’d completed the session, not stayed in bed, I felt amazingly strong and knew I could get faster over the next few weeks, and confident that running both Boston and London is within reach – the training is the easy part, it’s the fundraising that’s the hardest.

Watch this space for more training updates. I need the accountability more than anything!



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