A love letter from online running coach Alison King

Hey girl,

I see you. I see the longing to break that milestone – that first kilometre, 5km, then trying to get just that little bit faster each time.

I see the determination, the sweat and the tears that you hide from view.

I see the pain in your eyes when you see others looking athletic, they make it look so easy, so effortless. Why can’t it come so easy to you?

I know this because I’ve been there (I used to weigh 100kg and now I run marathons for fun). I know that it will get better for you too. You are stronger than you think.

I’d love to help you to…

  • Make running part of your life
  • Get more energy
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Be proud
  • Feel amazing

Join Run Your Buts Off for the fundamentals in motivation, goal-setting, technique, self-care and more. Run those ifs and buts off and change how you see yourself as a runner.